Eco Jewelry

Chakra Path Necklace (Gold)


by WaterThruSkin

-Sustainable -Ethical -Zero waste -Blessed -All about self-love & healing.

The 7 chakras reminding us about the importance of the energy flow in our bodies and in life. These necklaces are handmade, fair-trade and have been blessed by our healer in Bali! Something to wear and feel protected 24/7. Each chakra has a crystal in the back to be in constant touch with the wearer’s skin.

The necklace comes in a hand-carved recycled wood box with a palo santo, organic dried roses (can be used to make yourself a hot tea or rose bath), and a self-love ritual printed on seed paper (yes, paper you can plant!).

Materials: recycled 925 silver. Gold-dipped. Rose Quartz or Moon stone. Hand-carved recycled wood box. Palo santo. Organic dried roses. Seed paper.

Box comes with a palo santo, a self-love ritual manual printed on seed paper, and organic dried roses.

16inch chain and 5 inch long pendants.

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