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Om-Moon Necklace

from 125.00

by WaterThruSkin

-Sustainable -Ethical -Zero waste -Blessed

A necklace meant to remind you to stop , connect and take a deep breath whenever your soul craves it. The symbol of OM represents the sacred sound and most important mantra in Hinduism (the sacred sound of the universe) and a moon representing the magic in you and around you.

This necklace was designed to be layered with our other necklaces. Like our chakra necklace and evil eye. Our Founder, Valeria, loves layering the three of them.

The necklace comes in a hand-carved recycled wood box with a palo santo, organic dried roses (can be used to make yourself a hot tea or rose bath), and the description of it printed on seed paper (yes, paper you can plant!).

Materials: recycled 925 silver. Gold-dipped. Hand-carved recycled wood box. Palo santo. Organic dried roses. Seed paper.

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