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SET OF 3 Mantra Bracelet

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by WaterThruSkin

SET OF 3 bracelets/cuffs. Each with different mantra.

-Sustainable - Ethical - Zero waste - Blessed - All about self-love & healing

If you’ve been following my journey for a while now, you know that my daily rituals revolve around mantras, or sayings you repeat to yourself sacredly every single day. These mantras helped me connect with myself, recreate myself, and love myself and the world fully. These words I wrote down years ago, became my ritual and my strength, and now, I get to share that magic with you! These bracelets/cuffs are part of my Biio line and are handmade, fair-trade, sustainable and have been blessed by my healer in Bali! Something to wear as a constant reminder, meditate with and feel protected by 24/7. Each cuff has a different mantra (3 mantras in total) engraved on the front, and comes in a hand-carved recycled wood box with a palo santo, organic dried roses, and a self-love ritual printed on seed paper (yes, paper you can plant!). The cuffs also have a crystal attached to them. The LOVE cuff has a rose-quartz, the BE YOU has an amethyst, and the BLOOM has a clear quartz. Each with different healing benefits.

BLOOM mantra engraved:

“Grab your broken pieces & create magic. Bloom again.”

Materials: recycled 925 silver/ Gold-dipped. Clear quartz. Hand-carved recycled wood box. Palo santo. Organic dried roses. Seed paper.

Box comes with a palo santo, a self-love ritual manual printed on seed paper, and organic dried roses.

Cuff/bracelet is adjustable.

Bloom Inward. Irradiate Outward- Biio line by WaterThruSkin

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