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Spiritual Escapulario (Necklace)

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by WaterThruSkin

-Sustainable -Ethical -Zero waste -Blessed

Our Founder, Valeria, has loved escapularios/scapulars since she was little. As she kept growing and connecting more with different religions and lifestyles, she couldn’t find one scapular/escapulario that represented a spiritual journey rather than just a religion. Most scapulars/scapularios have crosses, saints and virgins. Therefore, she decided to design one with symbols, deities and meanings that represent personal growth and protection. The ones she connects with the most. Ganesha (a hindu deity and the remover of obstacles) and a lotus flower (representing our strength to bloom through the mud like a lotus flower). Behind each symbol, she also had words engraved in case the wearer choose to wear the scapular showing the words rather than the symbols. “Growth” and “Faith”.

The necklace comes in a hand-carved recycled wood box with a palo santo, organic dried roses (can be used to make yourself a hot tea or rose bath), and the description of it printed on seed paper (yes, paper you can plant!).

Materials: recycled 925 silver. Gold-dipped. Hand-carved recycled wood box. Palo santo. Organic dried roses. Seed paper.

If you are wondering how to wear the scapular, one square goes on your chest, and the other one on your back. For protection and blessings.

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