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Spiritual Growth Anklet

from 110.00

by WaterThruSkin

-Sustainable -Ethical -Zero waste -Blessed

The symbols in this anklet remind us about the importance of spiritual growth and the energies we believe in. Evil eye for protection, lotus for personal growth (bloom through the mud), star for stardust, and moon for magic. These anklets are handmade, fair-trade and have been blessed by our healer in Bali! Something to wear and feel protected 24/7.

The anklet comes in a cotton bag with a palo santo, organic dried roses (can be used to make yourself a hot tea or rose bath), and a description of the symbols printed on seed paper (yes, paper you can plant!).

Materials: recycled 925 silver. Gold-dipped. Palo santo. Organic dried roses. Seed paper.

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