Zero Waste

Boholy Kit



Zero waste - Handmade - Organic - Biodegradable - Mystical

A zero-waste kit (does not create any trash & does not contain plastic) meant to inspire you to see and live your life more mindfully and holistically, and to love yourself fully. Each box comes with the following:

-palo santo: light it on and clean the energy at home (or wherever you go!) with its smoke

- organic dried roses: make yourself a hot tea in the mornings (add roses to hot water with your favorite honey) or a hot self-love bath at night (with your roses, himalayan salt and essential oils)

-frankincense oil: this is one of our favorite oils. Besides being great for your respiratory system (relieves allergies and asma) and having other physical health benefits, it is also an energy cleanser and protector. Take this roll-on with you everywhere and apply some of it on your wrists, behind your neck, and third eye. Ingredients: organic almond oil + frankincense

-amethyst: crystal that helps boost your creativity

-clear quartz: the most powerful crystal of all

-rose quartz: the love and forgiveness crystal

-green aventurine: the abundance crystal

-Seed paper: we printed a self-love ritual on seed paper (yes, you can plant it and different herbs will grow) for you! Use this as a guide for your daily rituals and see how you feel after a few days.

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