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Zero Waste

Bamboo Utensil and Straw Set


-sustainable -zero waste -ethical -upcycled

185 pounds of plastic per American per year. That's how much non-biodegradable waste we produce. Don't even get us started on the worldwide numbers. (Use to research them. You'll be shocked, but will plant a tree with your search!) And, this is waste that ends up floating in our oceans and being swallowed by our sea earthlings. How about we start saying no to plastic utensils and straws every time we are on the go or choose to dine out? In 2017, our Founder began carrying her own set of bamboo utensils and metal straw, and it has made a huge difference in her life and in the amount of waste she produces. Doing good can be as simple as this! Beautiful, colorful, light, handmade, charity-oriented, and world-changing!


-1 bamboo fork

-1 bamboo knive

-1 bamboo spoon

-1 metal straw

Fabric is handmade in Indonesia from Balinese Sarongs. We also use recycled glass beads.

The purchase of each empowers artisans worldwide, and your package comes in a recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

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